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William Shakespeare & Andrew Wood.

The New British Institute of Florence: More's Institute.


William Shakespeare and Andrew Wood found an elite new body, The New British Institute

of Florence. A private hall and centre of excellence and morality established in the name of the Royal Family of Heaven, it is staffed only by Vinians and Aprilians, two new, idealistic religious orders, combining the complementary Mary and Martha model of practical service

and attentive listening. Its members pursue academic research, only into the life and work of saints and geniuses. A closed Locution Programme of lectures is delivered, by only the most proven and distinguished professors in the world. The institute's sole purpose is to promote the truths culled and refined from More's 'Utopiawithin a three-floored, trinitarian building.

'The Wood Library', holds The Western Canon, Scripture, Theology and Patristic Literature. 


'O, British Institute of a new man, New British Institute of Florence,

Let me rescind art and culture, and see, childe Harolde, to the Harold Acton

Dark tower come! Vanity of vanity, all is vanity, Ecclesiastes, ecclesia'.


Shakespeare smiled smiles of wonder and surmise, travelling his eyes

Over Mayo's Newman Institute. 'As, the Globe, was razed to the ground,

By transforming fire, the ruins of Andrew 'of the wood', are Andrew Wood,


The choirwood of Christ, that, we found New Building upon Golgotha.

Come, new man of all seasons, Morean More Andrew, let us substructure

Substance and excellence on the foundations of this Arno-Thames river-line.


Let us build, new undemagogue tower of Babel, with crisp consciousness

Uncurtailed in mated unmuted tongues, that Florence has new Corpus

Christi centre, Roman Catholic theocentric humanism in Firenze, that


Glory is rendered to God, no twitter. Let us inscribe in book of Numbers,

A new foundation, for Almighty God Yahweh Jehovah, founded in the

Name of Royal House of Israel. Let us look to Judges, 1 Kings and


2 Kings, 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles, for our Royal Charter of the

Crucified King, Jesus Christ. Let us give, dignified, measured new glory

To the English race, beyond Acton, Davis and Donaldson, and turn, to soul


Excellence, of, but saints and geniuses, Augustine, Erasmus and Benedict.

We acknowledge, in being ens-ousia, personhood of Newman's new man,

Whom I do create, here, out of 'King Lear', 'Hamlet', 'Othello', Andrew Wood,


That God Father, God Son, and God Holy Spirit, has ruined and rebuilt

From an exiled Adonai novice, to Vinian founder. Let Rodd, look, to the staff

Of Moses, for distaff side of this new New England, as buttercup prairie ways,


Were travelled by the Puritan Mayflower, and, Puritan's writings to Yale.

More, Bacon and Neville, I invoke your minds, of three early modern

Utopias, in 'Utopia', 'New Atlantis', and 'The Isle of Pines', that I call


Upon the Petrine primacy, and the rock of Peter, that I found in the

Name of San Pietro and San Paolo, two basilicas of worship, a new

Institution of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, The New British of Florence,


Quashed Henrican vanity and dissolution, The Logos Institute, erected for

Propaganda fidei, and, disciplines of English Literature, Philosophy and

Theology'. And, Shakespeare paused and rested, like on that seventh day.


And, like an orator, like Demosthenese, or Tully, at the Senate before,

Conscript fathers, or, Henry Grattan, in Dublin, founding Grattan's Parliament,

Or, a hand-wringing socius OP, supplicant before Order's Sabina Master.


I saw Shakespeare, in vibrancy and energy, as devoted as the Deborah man

Of Chalfont, at his daugher desk, or, Jerome in his study, labouring on the

Vulgate, or Newman, in the Birmingham Oratory, establishing, the Oratorians.


And Shakespeare, struck his foot, on the ground, kibing his heel

Of foolishness: '''The words of the Preacher, the son of David, King

In Jerusalem. Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities:


All is vanity'" 'Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my

Church; and the gates of Hell shall not avail againist it'. And, Andrew Wood,

Who bears arms with me, arms in Windsor, that we, might due cross


Long-bow and sword, in restoration of the Word of God to the Word

Of the Father, I found, on the re-orderer, of, the concentric rings of Hell,

The New British Institute of Florence, for, 'abandon hope, all ye who enter


Here'. was resaid to you, and it was proclaimed at the first ring:

'This is Andrew 'of the wood'', and Inferno is his formator'. For,

As Cambridge and Oxford, were founded and Gregorian and


Angelicum in Rome, thrive, in the name of Ignatius and Dominic,

Let the New British Institute, have stock of St Simon Stock, and,

Let the Pontifical Council for Culture, have bridging response in a


Logos Institute. Come, let us be, founding fathers of this institute;

No Harvard Longfellows, no poor poets, esposuing cigar smoke and old ideas;

No cheese cracker-minds, no, port-faced gentlemen, met over a mellow,


Yellow wine-glass, but two, most excellent gentlemen of Ravenna,

Where, the playwright has merged with cantist un Dantista, new

Woodian, 'il nuovo sommo poeta'. Let us have, no symposium here,


No reflections, no gatherings, no flash, clucky cliques, string-pearl

Encounters, no recherche book launch, no, low openings, just iustum

Bellum, glorification, of, the Word of God, united universities,


As the Biblicum, towers in Rome, and the Ecole Biblique, hives

In Jerusalem, celebrating Biblical Canon and Western Canon, canon

Scholars, part, yearning deer, JCL, straining hart, -led lamb.


Let us have a coat of arms of Union Flag, and, Logos Flag,

St George's Cross, married-joined, to Cross, St Andrew, you

To wage war and fight, in the name of the brother of Simon


Peter, that the Holy Trinity, flood, this God-lit Institute, with,

Grace of God, as we labour to construct, God's verbal kingdom,

Verbum Logos, spermatikos, and seed-bearing, Gospel Q sayings'.


'Shakespeare, you are California flown with Lindemans wine of thought,

So that, I would take this too bubbling beaker from you, and dash it

From your lips. It is my will, to conform, with a High Chancellor


Of England, and, all his designs and hopes for men, in his golden

Vade-mecum. I have taken growls of Cerberus, and been spat

Upon by Cicero, and I have wept, for Cato's demarking souls, at base


Of Purgatory. I have ascended, climbingly, through, spheres of the

Heavens, and, I have seen the Communion of Saints, aad, the eternal flower

Where Bernard of Clairvaux, gives, all honour, to the mater dei.


No, New School is this, but Plato's Aacdemy, and the school of John

Colet. Let it be but excellent; let it promote arts, letters, learning,

That Dame Letteratura, meet Dame Filosofia, and Dame Teologia.


For, as, three floors, did create me, I will create the three floors,

That, as I walked through Limbo, and saw the city of Dis, and, awed

At abyss, and pit of Cocytus, I have become master of my


Master Dante, as Dante became the master of Virgil; and it is but

The School of Athens, and the Englightenment, Bellarmine and Suarez,

Who keep me, from jubilation of an April Easter with the Son King'.


'No cream-puff scholars, then, no perched, glass spectacles, no readers

Or retired, but professors emertius and emerita of distinction, honour

And due, weighers, of their subjects, no paper-weight, make-weight juniors;


All lyres, Villa I Tatti, verse-honed in Bodleian and Harvard, levers

Of Leverhulme, and no children of the newer universities of new-

Fangled polytechnics, where standards, are as waterish as burgundy,


Fey scholarship shipped into fifth-rate publication periodicals.

Let, litmus test of lasting, be quality, of articles, that are posited in

Institutions, ratified by the Russell Group, and ivies, but KCL&UCL.


Such was, the private study, in that dull cell, that I could traverse

Alcuin of York, at manumission of Charlemagne, and delve

Into 'The Rule of the Master' and 'The Rule', 'Fides et Ratio'.


Wood, as we rebuilt those boards, and ferried

Them across the Thames, that the sounds of

Mirth, from 'The Merry Wives of Windsor',


Drifted across the groundlings, so have the

Monastic choirwoods of the world, salted

Scriptoria and biblioteca, heart, of the new


Most central man, pilgrim, who has seen, where a

Green cordon was dropped, and heard symphonies

Conducted, to, symphony of Thomas Aquinas'.


'Speare, upon the Council of Trent, and the

First Vatican Council, and the Second Vatican

Council, I have rooted, my Newman churchmanship,


That from, that lone vine, that was hung between

Two gross thickets, I have taken the honeysuckle

Of my tongue, and, the wisteria of my word-craft,


That Il Sacro Cuore in Milan, and La Sapienza in

Rome, find no dissatisfaction in me, but, foil to

Foil with Hamlet, I would stand now, and spear'.


'Andrew, I would say to you, what is breathed most, across new-

Comers at the purging place, and across the bows, of the stalls of

San Anselmo's full assumers, who have heard the bell of Anguillara:

'For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under

Heaven: a time is born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time

To pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time


To break down, and a time to build up''. 'With that quotation, new

Preacher of Sacerdos, I would have you add other half my line,

For, all is kissy, acolyte parlying, among Ox cappae and the belts.

Shakespeare, compatriot and observer of man, as you have delimited

Nature, I will delimit soul-wood, and I would sow the seeds of the

Rabbi parable man, the marginal Jew, and the out-the-walls, Judaic one'.


'I, House of April, extend to you, table-fellowship, you, House of Israel'.

'I, House of Israel, extend to you, Hellespoint bridge, of our oeuvres, that

We compose a new programme, a course of studies, here, at this New Building.


And, the New British Institute of Florence, shall be built here, upon playwright poeta-theologus rock'.

'The Christ Colloquy', Book II Letteratura, Canto LII, Grattan.

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