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                                                                            'Thus, the Holy Trinity and Vocatio,

In divine cooperation, are to begin, a Newmanian, new man formation,
Of the logos of the Logos, to comfort Carthage's Augustine, Nursia's

Benedict, Dominic's Aquinas, Carrara's Michelangelo, and Littlemore's

Newman, that greatness, can still contend, in today's fallowest of periods'.

                       'The Christ Colloquy' Book V Mary  Canto III: 85-89, Grattan.

                               Our Lady, in conversation with the flower girl of Heaven, in Paradise.

When I behold you in my hand,

Or taste you in the cup,

Your angels do about me stand,

And I am gathered up;

Translated whole to Calvary,

To see, three spikes in ground descending,

And in their midst, upon one Tree,

The Son of God ascending;

Christ, like sail, upon a ship, fast

Bolted to its mast, and vibrant, in His chest

Transfixed, a parchment host of vellum;

And upon it there, upon my look,

There seemed an ancient script, and closed

Eye of the Evangelist, opened, to transcribe it.

'On The Origin of St. John's Gospel', The Occasional Sonnets, Grattan.

The Logos & the logos

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