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- chrysolite -

'Know, that in the dialysis of the divine will,

Know, it is a most good will, that Altissimi cantus

And, In Praeclara Summorum, be full rescinded now.


For, a singular chrysolite heart of Christ-love, my Son Jesus'

Genius, will cause fresh issue, new encyclicals and documents,

Editrice Vaticana, from a Soubirous wellspring soul;


And, my suffering servant, the hunting hound, I myself, will

​Set loose upon the earth, to hunt for veritas et verbum'.

'The Christ Colloquy' Book V Mary  Canto II: 40-47, Grattan.

Our Lady, in conversation with April, the flower girl of Heaven, in Paradise, personally inaugurating, the genesis of 'the greyhound', a

man who will be born, with the same sensibility as Dante, enabling an experience of courtly love, again, in Florence, at 'the pilgrim' age of 35.

- light of Christ -

the greyhound & Child

Novum Evangelium

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