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'As Gabriel, once greeted the Virgin girl, at the Annunciation,

I annunciate, auctor, with divine auctoritas, only one man alive,

Can save His Church, restore Sancta Mater Ecclesia, Barthes author

Good news, a new, named gospel, according to Andrew, and it is you.

Veltro, Saltire, you, are to bring true health, to the hearth of Italy again,

Beneath Bernini's baldacchino, in San Pietro, and there, cross the keys'.

                 'The Christ Colloquy' Book V Mary  Canto XLVII: 52-57, Grattan.

April addressing Andrew, before Christ's tomb, in the garden of Gethsemane, on Easter Sunday afternoon, 2013.

il veltro


The insignia of two black keys, in saltire, upon a white background, is the symbol of the greyhound's new auctoritas. Authority, for the new author, derives from the primacy of the unique experience of courtly love in Florence, for April, at 'the pilgrim' age of 35, and also, the unique ability, to then place April Child, above Beatrice Portinari.

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