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'Know, the white chrysanthemum, is to be no longer before

The White Rose of Heaven, but before a white carnation pure,

For courtly love again in Florence, and a Colloquium Christus,

​For Assisi's Pope Francis, to full cherish'.

                     'The Christ Colloquy' Book V Mary  Canto II: 95-98, Grattan.

Our Lady, in conversation with April, the flower girl of Heaven, in Paradise, decreeing courtly love, again, in Florence, creating the new 'altissimo poeta' and 'the greyhound

& Child', to fulfil the greyhound prophecy for Christ & Her, the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church of 2013 and today, and academia.

April above Beatrice

- l'altissimo poeta -

dark wood

Midway, along the latter half of the journey of Vespers, I came to, in the light wood.

                     'Christ: a depiction of the writer as an English Benedictine Novice', Grattan.

The innocent English Benedictine Novice, first entering into, the holy, white, monastic choirwood, - the 'light wood', or 'selva opaca', of universal 'Roman Catholic Church sin', at Adonai Abbey, - to sing Gregorian Chant, in prayer, as a postulant, at 26, in the month of April. 'Church sin', comprises, for example, lying and unchastity; narcissism and careerism; patronage and preferment; psychological bullying and child sex abuse; clericalism; abuse of office and power; and secrecy.

light wood

forest & Dante's 'dark wood'

monastic choirwood & St. Benedict's 'light wood'

                                                                   'I admit and

Recognize your auctoritas, and Christ-sanctioned,

I, cede my place to you, eternal pilgrim'.

'The Christ Colloquy' Book I Commedia Canto XIII: 28-30.

Dante, 'the pilgrim' cedes place to Andrew, 'the eternal pilgrim', in

Inferno, and relinquishes the poet's laurel crown, before Virgil.

'Know, that I hereby term and consecrate you, 'Aprila Childa',

Not yet called, to pleroma-fullness, of your April Childness'.

'The Christ Colloquy' Book VII Cielo  Canto LXXXIX: 144-145.

Our Lady formally places April above Beatrice, in a private ceremony at St. Paul's outside-the-walls, in Rome, on Easter Monday night, 2013. She then accepts April,

as a new Marian handmaiden, and installs her as Queen of Florence, as she begins

her own journey to sanctity, founding her own, new religious order, the Aprilians.

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