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                                                                               'I list it up, Andrew, that 

You will know, how Stratford is inextricably linked with Florence,

And, my spiralling sensibility, is as a spiral, that spiral staircase,

                      Inside our New Guicciardini, April Child and

                                                     Andrew 'of the wood',

                                      Warfield and Stratford,

To create vortex, double helix of assignation, that acid deoxyribonucleic

That pumps within your veins. What, do you wish to know, Andrew?'

'I would only wish tell, of those names and books, William, that I would


Only say "Cross-Wood", my Canon Father'. And, Shakespeare bid me:

'Climb, as he, your Poet Father, Durante, did say, how bitter it is, to climb

Another man's stairs at night. Reclimb, in your mind's eye, that white spiral


Staircase, as you once did climb, novitiate staircase, at God's forming, Abbey of the Adonai'...

                                                    'The Christ Colloquy' Book II Letteratura  Canto XLVI: 126--138.

William Shakespeare inducts Andrew Wood, into the pantheon of greats of the Western Canon, at midday, on Holy Saturday, 2013, at 'Shakespeare's Staircase', or "the helix of assignation", his DNA double helix, at the centre of 'Letteratura Land', a whole new literary world, that exists within a side-altar, in a side-chapel, in

St. Paul's outside-the-walls, in Rome. Shakespeare, thus prepares the new writer, to meet Thomas More, the author of  'Utopia', the book, that serves as the fulcrum of the entire Western Canon, at 3 pm that same afternoon, in the wooden choir-stalls of  St. Paul's.

'The Christ Colloquy'
a complete 'DNA Theory' of the Literature of The Western Canon in seven books for William Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man
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