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good news

'Know, that Durante saw Bice once, during afternoon passagiata, district


San Martin al Vescovo, sestiere San Pier Maggiore, not yet a Duomo, or

Brunelleschi's dome, but to create conditions, temperate and timely,

For my Son and I's couple, the greyhound and the Child,

Who will purge, very air of Rome, one day, reeking, with crisis after

Crisis, scandal after scandal, and darkest abuse, with good news, via,

An infant's name and Easter'...

'The Christ Colloquy' Book V Mary  Canto III: 90-96, Grattan.

Our Lady, in conversation with April, the flower girl of Heaven, in Paradise, informing her of the unique relationship between Dante & Beatrice and Andrew & April, ('the greyhound & Child'). Our Lady informs her, that there is to be, a second experience of courtly love in Florence, by a new poet, at 'the pilgrim' age of 35, to create a new poem, 'The Christ Colloquy', to parallel, 'The Divine Comedy'.

- gospel -


Dante & Beatrice and Andrew & April

courtly love in Florence and epic poetry


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