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April Child, the English librarian, with whom I fell in courtly love, at The British Institute of Florence, at the same age, as Dante's 'pilgrim', 35, has the face of Our Lady, as it was embroidered, on the Marian vestment, that a solemnly professed, English Benedictine Congregation, (EBC), monk I knew, when I was a novice monk, Fr. Wilfrid Sollom OSB, of Adonai Abbey, (William Blake's 'Jerusalem'), in West Berkshire, England, wore on Saturdays and Marian Feast Days, justifying my assumption, of the literary identity of Dante's greyhound, and 'the eternal pilgrim', at 40, in 'The Christ Colloquy'.

Andrew and April, appear in the new poem, as both 'the new Dante and Beatrice', and justifiably, as 'the greyhound & Child', when Sonnet CXLIV, 'In Memoriam: The April Children', of 'The Christ Sonnets', written in Rome, at the age of 31, is taken into due consideration.

I also wrote Sonnet CL, the 'Andrew 'of the wood'' sonnet of 'The Christ Sonnets', in Il Duomo, in Florence, when I was 31. I have placed April above Beatrice.

Fr. Wilfrid was an honourable and truthful monk-priest, and intellectually brilliant. He used to preach perfect rhetorical homilies, on Sunday mornings, in the Abbey Church of the monastery, and he features as Henrik Ibsen's 'Master Builder' of rhetoric, in the new literary "gospel". In this way, he parallels Fr. Brian O'Higgins, who appears as Sacerdos, in 'The Christ Colloquy'. Fr. Brian was a saintly, intellectual, servant priest, who also used to preach perfect rhetorical homilies, which I first heard, as a teenager, in Our Lady Immaculate, Roman Catholic Church, Chelmsford, Brentwood Diocese, in England.


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