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Good Friday

evening, 2013

                                                                        - dust, swirled

Between we gathered three, in the darkening gloom

Of the chapel within San Paolo, as then, from out eu-topos,

The unhurried, sure steps, of  Saint Benedict and Saint

Dominic appeared before me - the glowing pate and

Glimmering hairs, lay razed upon the skull of the once

Auditioning 'Rule of the Master', and his dark

Covering black scapular, roamed above the unglossy

Tunic, known to monastics all over Christendom;

And beside him, the frothy innocence of the girded

Of the white and black, good Saint Dominic, the

Ravishing brown beads of his rosary, wrapped

About the girth of his brown belt.

The Christ Colloquy' Book I Commedia Canto III: 190- 202, Grattan.

Virgil, Dante and Andrew meet for the first time, in a side chapel, in

St. Paul's outside-the-walls, in Rome, after Vespers, on Good Friday evening in 2013. They are then joined, by St. Benedict and St. Dominic, who bless and sanction, Andrew's descent into Dante's Inferno, as it is in 2013, on Good Friday night, to write a new literary "gospel", primarily for Christ and Our Lady.

Virgil, Dante & Andrew and St. Benedict & St. Dominic

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