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He had borne the weight of that book within him, fully committed to memory, but the figure of Stephen Dedalus was creaking now, entombed within the Sepulchre of Modernism, with Old Possum's T. S. Eliot too, the arch anti-seminarian and arch anti-priest, and the guru, both hopelessly redundant today, the former, so attractive then, for a presentation of other worlds, and other, unordinary theorems of being. He said, briefly, some Postmodern names, 'Beckett, Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel Garcia Marquez', and then pondered in his heart, the desecration of the logos in Finnegans Wake. The seed letters of INRI, had not fallen on stony ground in the parable of The Christ Sonnets, and Poundian new of Eucharist.

'Crucifix', The Seven Days of Holy Week, Rome, 2018.

Dr. Andreas Christianus, in the Vatican Library, mid-morning, Maundy Thursday, Rome, 2018.

Modernism and Postmodernism
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